Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Featuring Sam & Lance “NATURALLY CADIE GIFT GUIDE“ With the Holidays fast approaching, I wanted to put together an ultimate gift guide featuring some of my favorite products from Sam & Lance! Sam and Lance is an amazing Canadian company owned by two sisters, that provides sustainable, cruelty free products made by women, to empowerContinue reading “Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide”

Tips on planning a more sustainable Destination Wedding

First off, I want to say that I know travelling in itself isn’t exactly sustainable, but we did it this way because, we could make the exception to only invite immediate/close family, and 3 friends, keeping our numbers low, and the wedding small, therefor less waste and things we needed overall! Also, we just loveContinue reading “Tips on planning a more sustainable Destination Wedding”

Caring for your wooden items!

Today I want to share some tips and tricks on caring and protecting your wooden kitchenware! To help prolong our investments, it’s always important that we take care of them! First tip: Always wash by hand, and clean immediately after use to prevent hard to remove food stains Do not keep them soaking long, rinseContinue reading “Caring for your wooden items!”

Top low waste + non toxic swaps for a more sustainable kitchen

Here are some of my favorite low waste swaps for a more sustainable kitchen! Refill your dish soap from your local refill shop, if you have one near by or simply just use solid dish soap blocks Knitted or cotton towels vs paper towel Wooden dish scrubby Coconut husk or all natural biodegradable sponges CastContinue reading “Top low waste + non toxic swaps for a more sustainable kitchen”

Features + Articles

Nail career magazine Read more here at Nail career magazine It’s magazine  Holistically Her  Read more here at Holistically Her  Et Al Mag Meet Cadie @naturallycadie—from zero-waste tips and clean beauty hacks to plant-based recipes and beyond, we love how Cadie shares her journey and approach to mindful living and consumption. ⁠⁠This week, we teamedContinue reading “Features + Articles”

The Easiest Way To Clean Your Toilet

If you’ve ever seen any of my low waste DIY’S before, you’d know that I love them to be as simple and easy as possible and this one is no exception! Behold the amazing low waste 2 ingredient toilet cleaner What you will need: +spray bottle +vinegar baking soda toilet brush To clean inside theContinue reading “The Easiest Way To Clean Your Toilet”

We have officially released our very first ebook!

We have officially released our very first ebook! Yes! And we are so, so excited to share it with you!!! After months of work and dedication, ITS FINALLY HERE!!! In collaboration with the amazing and talented Candice Batista we have released an ebook that gives you all of the tips and tricks on how toContinue reading “We have officially released our very first ebook!”