Bamboo vs Plastic

Bamboo vs Plastic As we know using bamboo over plastic is better any day! But aside from the environmental aspect, it’s actually proven to be much more beneficial to use bamboo over plastic even when brushing your hair too! Here’s why: Plastic increases static electricity causing hair to frizz VS Bamboo has a neutral/negative chargeContinue reading “Bamboo vs Plastic”

DIY all natural m/u brush cleaner

What you will need: Glass jarCoconut OilNon tox dish soapMakeup brushesHot water & running warm waterClean cloth or towel How to: +dependent on the amount of brushes and size of your jar, put enough liquid coconut oil (can heat up solidified oil) to cover a thin layer at the bottom of the jar and addContinue reading “DIY all natural m/u brush cleaner”