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About Coconut Moon is an organic, vegan & cruelty free Coconut Milk Bath that is designed to help you feel your absolute best inside and out. This luxurious mixture combines hand picked organic ingredients to hydrate and moisturize the skin while calming the mind and body. Ingredients Coconut Moon is Handmade in Canada Woman OwnedContinue reading “Learn More”

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Featuring Sam & Lance “NATURALLY CADIE GIFT GUIDE“ With the Holidays fast approaching, I wanted to put together an ultimate gift guide featuring some of my favorite products from Sam & Lance! Sam and Lance is an amazing Canadian company owned by two sisters, that provides sustainable, cruelty free products made by women, to empowerContinue reading “Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide”

DIY all natural cleaner

Have you ever DIY’d your own cleaner before? This is a tried and true staple using only 3 non tox ingredients: lemon peels, vinegar & water! Also, the fact that it’s used diluted, makes it last SO LONG! Before I made sure to purchase organic, non-toxic ingredient cleaners but what’s more natural than vinegar &Continue reading “DIY all natural cleaner”

Bamboo vs Plastic

Bamboo vs Plastic As we know using bamboo over plastic is better any day! But aside from the environmental aspect, it’s actually proven to be much more beneficial to use bamboo over plastic even when brushing your hair too! Here’s why: Plastic increases static electricity causing hair to frizz VS Bamboo has a neutral/negative chargeContinue reading “Bamboo vs Plastic”

The importance of Yoga

Today, is all about Yoga and the importance of breathing, stretching and mind body connection. History The practice of Yoga was developed in Northern India some thousands of years ago, where the orignial purpose was to train the body to become still, self aware and reach higher conciousness. It was much more of a spiritualContinue reading “The importance of Yoga”


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