Top low waste + non toxic swaps for a more sustainable kitchen

Here are some of my favorite low waste swaps for a more sustainable kitchen! Refill your dish soap from your local refill shop, if you have one near by or simply just use solid dish soap blocks Knitted or cotton towels vs paper towel Wooden dish scrubby Coconut husk or all natural biodegradable sponges CastContinue reading “Top low waste + non toxic swaps for a more sustainable kitchen”

How I travelled solo through Europe for a month with just a purse

4 countries. 1 purse Greece Italy France England Well, where do I start! I guess it all begins, as being a young female traveler, wanting to see the world. I had always dreamed of going to Europe, but at the time, before my meeting my husband of course, I had never had anyone willing toContinue reading “How I travelled solo through Europe for a month with just a purse”

The importance of veganism

Every being is born equal and in order to keep peace & harmony balanced in this world you must start with yourself. One small step towards this feat, starts with being environmentally aware of your every day decisions and this includes your diet. Now, cutting down or cutting out meat completely doesn’t mean just that…ItContinue reading “The importance of veganism”

Features + Articles

Nail career magazine Read more here at Nail career magazine It’s magazine  Holistically Her  Read more here at Holistically Her  Et Al Mag Meet Cadie @naturallycadie—from zero-waste tips and clean beauty hacks to plant-based recipes and beyond, we love how Cadie shares her journey and approach to mindful living and consumption. ⁠⁠This week, we teamedContinue reading “Features + Articles”

The Most Instagrammable Spots in Kauai, Hawaii

Hanalei Bay The North Shore is by far my favorite, just like the North in Oahu, they have the cutest little walking strip, filled with tons of awesome little restaurants and shops and some of the most delicious food trucks and smoothie shacks! They also have some affordable kayaking right there in the bay! MyContinue reading “The Most Instagrammable Spots in Kauai, Hawaii”

What I eat in a day on Plant Based Diet

Well, of course no two day’s are 100% the same, but to be honest, I typically like to stick to the same type of out line everyday! +Low synthetic sugar, good carbs, high protein and healthy natural fats!+I am a reactive hypoglycaemic so I need to be eating a combination of those listed above, everyContinue reading “What I eat in a day on Plant Based Diet”

What does self care mean to you?

As someone who practices self care on the regular, it’s really important for me to share that self care goes beyond just skin deep! For me, self care includes all aspects of mindful and conscious living, for example: +walking out in nature +practicing yoga + gratitude +getting fresh air +eating fresh fruits + vegetables +stayingContinue reading “What does self care mean to you?”