Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Featuring Sam & Lance “NATURALLY CADIE GIFT GUIDE“ With the Holidays fast approaching, I wanted to put together an ultimate gift guide featuring some of my favorite products from Sam & Lance! Sam and Lance is an amazing Canadian company owned by two sisters, that provides sustainable, cruelty free products made by women, to empowerContinue reading “Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide”

Tips on planning a more sustainable Destination Wedding

First off, I want to say that I know travelling in itself isn’t exactly sustainable, but we did it this way because, we could make the exception to only invite immediate/close family, and 3 friends, keeping our numbers low, and the wedding small, therefor less waste and things we needed overall! Also, we just loveContinue reading “Tips on planning a more sustainable Destination Wedding”

Bamboo vs Plastic

Bamboo vs Plastic As we know using bamboo over plastic is better any day! But aside from the environmental aspect, it’s actually proven to be much more beneficial to use bamboo over plastic even when brushing your hair too! Here’s why: Plastic increases static electricity causing hair to frizz VS Bamboo has a neutral/negative chargeContinue reading “Bamboo vs Plastic”

10 Steps To A More Sustainable Wardrobe

Hello my beautiful and responsible fashionistas! Today I am providing a guideline that uses “10 steps towards a more sustainable wardrobe” – and no this does not mean everything you buy has to be 100% organic cotton etc, although that could be one part of it, and we can try to incorporate that as muchContinue reading “10 Steps To A More Sustainable Wardrobe”

The importance of Yoga

Today, is all about Yoga and the importance of breathing, stretching and mind body connection. History The practice of Yoga was developed in Northern India some thousands of years ago, where the orignial purpose was to train the body to become still, self aware and reach higher conciousness. It was much more of a spiritualContinue reading “The importance of Yoga”

RECIPE: Vegan Strawberry Nice Cream

Because when you buy a Vitamix, you have to make vegan nice cream! This could also work in a regular high power food processor as well. Strawberry Nice Cream Recipe: 1.5 frozen bananas 1/2 cup frozen strawberries Coconut Milk I like to add a spoonful of peanut butter for added sweetness, but that’s just me!Continue reading “RECIPE: Vegan Strawberry Nice Cream”

Caring for your wooden items!

Today I want to share some tips and tricks on caring and protecting your wooden kitchenware! To help prolong our investments, it’s always important that we take care of them! First tip: Always wash by hand, and clean immediately after use to prevent hard to remove food stains Do not keep them soaking long, rinseContinue reading “Caring for your wooden items!”