DIY all natural cleaner

Have you ever DIY’d your own cleaner before?

This is a tried and true staple using only 3 non tox ingredients: lemon peels, vinegar & water! Also, the fact that it’s used diluted, makes it last SO LONG! Before I made sure to purchase organic, non-toxic ingredient cleaners but what’s more natural than vinegar & fruit? PLUS you get to skip the extra packaging! winning!

What you will need:
Mason jar
Spray bottle

How to:
Put citrus peels inside a mason jar (peels only, otherwise the inside of fruit can make it too sticky)
Fill mason jar full with vinegar
Put on the lid & let ferment for 2-4 weeks 4 is best
After fermentation strain the concentrated solution & rid the chunkies
Place about 1/3 of your solution mixed with 2/3 of water into a spray bottle
*You can add a few drops of essential oil for more fragrance if you like*
And that’s it!

Happy “Clean” Cleaning!

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