Bamboo vs Plastic

Bamboo vs Plastic

As we know using bamboo over plastic is better any day! But aside from the environmental aspect, it’s actually proven to be much more beneficial to use bamboo over plastic even when brushing your hair too!

Here’s why:

Plastic increases static electricity causing hair to frizz VS Bamboo has a neutral/negative charge keeping hair smooth and shiny

Bamboo is softer and less sharp so it’s easier for brushing and detangling. In term less damaging (always start from the bottom and work your way up when detangling)

Bamboo helps provide shine! As it glides through your hair it absorbs the natural oils from your scalp and helps distribute them evenly along the hair shaft

Bamboo helps with hair growth! With its soft natural bristles you can use it to massage your scalp! By massaging your scalp it increases blood flow which helps strengthen your hair, providing less breakage & is more susceptible for growth!

Another super simple switch that makes all the difference in your overall hair health! Even try adding lavender essential oil to the tips of the bristles for extra shine & strength!

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