The importance of Yoga

Today, is all about Yoga and the importance of breathing, stretching and mind body connection.


The practice of Yoga was developed in Northern India some thousands of years ago, where the orignial purpose was to train the body to become still, self aware and reach higher conciousness. It was much more of a spiritual practice than it has become today. Although we can still relate to this aspect in modern society, it does feel as though it has become less of a spiritual experience and more of a “trendy way to exercise”

Deep Breathing

Naturally, our bodies are designed to require oxygen, inhale & exhale, and to function, we need a constant new supply of oxygen to create energy flow & sustainability! Now, the reason we should practice and perfect deep breathing, is because it is very important in everyday life to manage stress, calm tension, ease anxiety and worries. Deep breathing combined with stretching gives the muscles a chance to relax and deepen into a pose to really get the most out of your practice. That’s why yoga is the perfect balance between both worlds. Not only is yoga beneficial for your physical health but it also allows the mind & body to connect and allow your mind to really listen to what your body is telling you.


Stretching helps to keep the body flexible and strong, to help provide a healthy range of motion for daily function. It allows important things like blood to flow, improves posture, which in turn helps heal back pain and discomfort, calm the mind and decrease tension, including headaches. Stretching and moving yourself allows you to heal yourself. It’s also been proven to help people with diabetes by reducing blood glucose levels! So go on, move those gorgeous bodies!

Mind Body Connection

Being present and really taking a moment to connect and tune into your body and mind is so so important for all around healthy living.

Lets practice:

  • Take a deep breath.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Listen.
  • What is your body telling you? is it comfortable? do you need adjust? whats hurting? is there anything you need to help feel better? Is it your back, neck or shoulders? is it your stomach? what do you need to focus on to feel better? do you need help?
  • Next, listen to your mind. Is it uncomforable? is it hurting?? is there anything that you need adjusted or address? Are your stresses or worries affecting your thoughts, making you carry extra tenstion in your back or stomach? do you need help?

Now do you see why it’s important to check in and listen to really find out what’s going on in there?!


YouTube is a great place to stream free online movement videos easily from home! My favourite is at home Yoga With Adriene because she not only provides the phyical feel good aspect with amazing deep stretching but she also has such a beautiful way of incorporating that mindfulness and meditation aspect into a lot of her videos, which comes back to the original purpose of what yoga is really all about! Even just 20 minutes a day is proven to help lower stress and anxiety, ease aches and pains, increase flexibility, lower blood pressure, stabilize blood sugar levels, maintain healthy weight, and the list goes on!

Here are some of my favourite poses for relieving back pain:

Credit to Kelly Collins

Keep breathing and don’t forget to smile ☺️

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