Top low waste + non toxic swaps for a more sustainable kitchen

Here are some of my favorite low waste swaps for a more sustainable kitchen!

  • Refill your dish soap from your local refill shop, if you have one near by or simply just use solid dish soap blocks
  • Knitted or cotton towels vs paper towel
  • Wooden dish scrubby
  • Coconut husk or all natural biodegradable sponges
  • Cast iron pans *gives added iron to your cooked meals*

Cooking with a cast iron pan has so many natural benefits vs the toxic teflon pan, due to the fact that they are chemical free and super easy to clean. Also, once seasoned they provide delicious flavor from previous meals! They’re super durable & long lasting, amazing at retaining heat, can be baked in the oven & lastly, fortifies foods with Iron! As far as I’m concerned, the cast iron pan is the Don of all cook ware!

  • Bamboo or metal cookware, cutting board, utensils.

Be sure to check out my article on how to care for your wooden items

  • Glass or metal measuring cups
  • Mason jars for refilling your pantry *using bulk to save on packaging*
  • Sustainable food savers such as wax wraps, silicone bags, food huggers.
  • Glass or metal containers
  • Reusable bags *including produce* for grocery shops
  • A good food processor or blender so you can make most of your meals at home! *Just recieved our new Vitamix in the mail *YAY* Stay tuned for plant based vegan recipes to come!

So many little simple swaps that go a huge way!

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