The importance of veganism

Every being is born equal and in order to keep peace & harmony balanced in this world you must start with yourself. One small step towards this feat, starts with being environmentally aware of your every day decisions and this includes your diet. Now, cutting down or cutting out meat completely doesn’t mean just that…It means that you are;

  • no longer contributing to animal slaughter and torture
  • helping the environment lessen the impact of the harmful chemicals put into the air
  • improving your overall health by omitting harmful GMO, hormones and many other cancer causing agents out of your everyday diet.

Fruits and Vegetables provide vital nutrients for maintaining a strong, healthy body. They prevent diseases, high blood pressure, cancers and give us the energy we need to keep going. Plus they’re even more nutritious when organically grown. Each vegetable is full of essential vitamins and nutrients so try and at least add a handful to every meal! Switch it up & try something new or start experimenting with creating custom meals just for you!

Nobody is perfect, but even by simply cutting down YOU ARE HELPING to reduce these horrible acts and improve the overall health of our precious planet! Roam from this wonderful world and explore as we have yet a lot to discover but let’s be sensible about it! Let’s be passionate about our happiness, health & wealth, our future and our children’s future! Let’s work together and be creative on how to inspire others to use more natural resources. Save the animals, save the trees, make it a better world for you and me! USE LESS !! No judgment, no preaching, simply just sharing facts and speaking my truth. You don’t have to be a hippy to start living more sustainably, you can be exactly who you are right now and do what you will with this information! A little?.. a lot?.. anything is better than nothing! And remember – Less is More!

“The Earth was created for all living things, not just humans”

Did you know a lot of fruits and veggies are shaped like what they heal?

Being kind is dope as! – C

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