What I eat in a day on Plant Based Diet

Well, of course no two day’s are 100% the same, but to be honest, I typically like to stick to the same type of out line everyday!
+Low synthetic sugar, good carbs, high protein and healthy natural fats!
+I am a reactive hypoglycaemic so I need to be eating a combination of those listed above, every 2-3 hours!

BREAKFAST: first thing in the A.M
+Hemp, flax, chia & pumpkin seed granola or oatmeal with coconut milk .

+Apple with almond butter or Protein Smoothie Bowl with greens

+Typically a healthier carb like brown rice in a Buddha bowl or gluten free multi grain bread or wrap with hummus, veggies and greens🥪

+Usually some berries, cucumber, hummus and rice crackers or leftovers .

+Brown rice curries with veggies are my fav, but there are lots of options that include tofu, beans + chickpeas as a base to lock in that protein!

+Coconut yogurt, berries and granola or rotate any of the other snacks listed above

I hope this helps inspire you to see how easy it is to sustain a plant based diet with the right planning and dedication ♥️ #plantbasedforever .

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