What does self care mean to you?

  • As someone who practices self care on the regular, it’s really important for me to share that self care goes beyond just skin deep! For me, self care includes all aspects of mindful and conscious living, for example:
  • +walking out in nature
  • +practicing yoga + gratitude +getting fresh air
  • +eating fresh fruits + vegetables
  • +staying away from drama and harm to myself or others including animals
  • +staying hydrated
  • +staying away from toxins, inside and out
  • +doing my best to reduce my environmental impact
  • +connecting with my loved ones
  • +doing things I enjoy and am passionate about
  • +unwinding by watching a good show or movie
  • +adventuring + exploring
  • +inspiring people + sharing positivity
  • +enjoying face masks, baths + massages etc.

The list goes on, but I believe for one to feel their absolute best self, they must take care of themselves in all aspects! Mentally and physically along with proper movement and nourishment to achieve true happiness! It also helps me feel complete by knowing that I’m not causing harm to myself or others living things and am able to provide positivity, inspiration and encouragement to my gram fam♥️ Sending so much love right now to every living thing on this beautiful Earth! May we learn, heal and become so much wiser as a whole!

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