We have officially released our very first ebook!

We have officially released our very first ebook! Yes! And we are so, so excited to share it with you!!! After months of work and dedication, ITS FINALLY HERE!!!

In collaboration with the amazing and talented Candice Batista we have released an ebook that gives you all of the tips and tricks on how to clean and detox your home, completely toxin free!

The ebook includes:

Practical tips on how to detox your kitchen
How to read product labels including 14 toxic chemicals to avoid in cleaning products and how to spot them
How to be an eco-conscious consumer when shopping
How to avoid greenwashing
How to dispose of toxic cleaners properly
A compressive list of green cleaning products we love and recommend
5 DIY recipes that you will not find anywhere else
Helpful resources to get you started and learn more
A fillable worksheet that makes it easy to start your transition


a step-by-step checklist
printable labels.

All for just $5.99!!! The link to purchase will be provided here through Candice Batista’s website. Be sure to check it out, so we can all start working together to protect our precious planet today 🌍

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