DIY all natural m/u brush cleaner

What you will need:

Glass jar
Coconut Oil
Non tox dish soap
Makeup brushes
Hot water & running warm water
Clean cloth or towel

How to:

+dependent on the amount of brushes and size of your jar, put enough liquid coconut oil (can heat up solidified oil) to cover a thin layer at the bottom of the jar and add about a quarter of that size of dish soap .

+fill with hot/warm water and let brushes sit in solution for about 5 minutes .

+after soaking time, take one out at a time and rinse under warm water. Use back of hand or palm to get off access product .

+if brushes have a lot of build up, you can do this whole process twice but typically once is enough

+once they have all been rinsed, squeeze out access liquid, as much you can then gently lay flat to dry on a clean towel

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